About Us

As an entrepreneur I spend at least 10 hours a day working from different devices. Most days I start with working on my laptop for hours and then my phone and its just a never ending cycle.

With the increasing technology and demands in our current society I know most of us are going through this. 

After a while digital eye strain took a major toll on me without even knowing what was happening or that it was a real issue. I used to wake up every single morning with more and more pain in my eyes, blurry vision and constant headaches preventing me from being as productive as I needed to be and function properly.


With extensive research and a lot of work, My Respecs was born.

Our mission is simple PROTECT as many eyes as possible while providing exceptional quality.

Technology isn't going anywhere and we must be proactive with how we protect our eyes and vision. 

Our anti blue light glasses have been a life saver. 



Kamelia M. 





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